The old place (1905) is starting to look hospitable.

Marsha's Tea Room

Donations will be used for education and socialization projects.

Marsha's Tea Room

You can stay and hang out when Spectrum is open. Hope to have expanded hours soon.

We partner with Spectrum

Donations will be used to cover hormone therapy for those in need.

Sylvia's Porch

Humble Beginnings

When finished, we will have our TGNC Tea Room.

Sylvia's Porch

Work in Progress

Like any project. Simple turns major. It is worth it.

Sylvia's Porch

Ready for Use

We have started in-person groups and will add online meetings.

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Donations can be one time or set up as reoccurring monthly.

You can specify donation

You can write a note during donation and let us know how you would like us to utilize funds.

Support Marsha's.

Sponsor less fortunate hormone therapy patients.