gc2b Binders

Marsha's Partnership with gc2b

First, go to gc2b's website and check them out at:

General Information from gc2b

Donation binders are sourced from gc2b's sales returns, they are laundered and inspected for quality and integrity, and resized if needed. However some may have some gentle signs of wear, minor aesthetic or manufacturing flaws. As a result we are always in high demand and low stock for sizes 3X-5X. We also typically cannot fulfill color and style requests.

General Safety and Comfort from gc2b

Guidelines for Requesting Binders

Binders are in limited quantity. We will attempt to provide binders to all who ask for them. Our priority is for Mississippi residents.

Feel free to come to our clinic so that we can assist in sizing. Stop by our clinic during one of our in-person meetings for Marsha's Tea Room. We know that coming here may be a burden for some, so we have provided information/links to sizing guides and binder education below.

After reviewing those links, click on the link at the bottom of this page to request binders.

Binder Sizing Guide

Link to gc2b size chart:

Binder Education

Chest Binding Practices

Play/Click slideshow for a how-to guide on binder measurement and usage (may not work on mobile device).

Link to Request Binders

Click the link below to access the financial hardship questionnaire and request form: