A Brief History

In the beginning of 2019, the founders of Spectrum: The Other Clinic were exploring ways that they could make an impactful difference for the Trans/GNC community. So they set their minds together on creating a clinic with the wellbeing and safety of the TGNC community in mind. They have worked ceaselessly on their off time from their regular jobs to build something great that is dedicated to Trans/NBY/GNC folx: Your own hormone care clinic. YOUR clinic.

Now that Spectrum: The Other Clinic is up and running, more is needed. Being transgender is so much more than hormone therapy. The owners of Spectrum: The Other Clinic has set aside space and resources in our clinic to start Marsha's Tea Room. Marsha's is a nonprofit organization with a goal to address the many needs of the TGNC community. We have learned quickly that we can not do this on our own. Marsha's is looking to partner with other individuals and organizations to provide needed services to the Mississippi TGNC community.

Presently, Marsha's is available when Spectrum: The Other Clinic has office hours. Go to Spectrum: The Other Clinic's webpage and Facebook page for details regarding open hours.

Where We Are Today

Marsha's Tea Room is sharing space with Spectrum: The Other Clinic. Thanks for the help and attention, even if it's just stopping by and saying hi to let us know that we are on the right path.


Stacie's Office

Lee's Office


Sylvia's Porch

Marsha's Room

The Real Brains Behind It

Coda. He has had enough for now.

Coda still tired

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