Two Nurse Practitioners Trying to Make a Difference.

Meet the team

Lee was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and has had a hand in many different trades throughout the years until finding his calling here with founding Spectrum. After working for 16 years as an Occupational Therapist, he next sought a career as a Paramedic, and then afterward went on to become a Registered Nurse. He returned to school at Belmont University to pursue his career as a nurse practitioner. Since passing his boards, he has worked in many areas: Family Practice, Urgent Care, and Hospital Medicine, but with a majority of his practice being spent in the Emergency Department. He has worked hard to build Spectrum: The Other Clinic and continues with further efforts working on Marsha's Tea Room to establish a nonprofit that will assist TGNC people financially in affording their HRT, educate and advocate for the this community, and provide a safe space for gathering.

Stacie was born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and lived there for most of her life. She graduated from MGCCC with her RN-ADN and jumped straight in to nursing. She returned for her RN-MSN in Primary Care as an Adult Nurse Practitioner with a focus on Internal Medicine. She then practiced as an NP for several years before returning to school with the University of Pennsylvania for a Post Master’s in Acute Care. She has worked in both outpatient and inpatient medicine settings during her career as an NP, most recently as a Hospitalist NP. Stacie has always been a staunch Ally for the LGBTQ+ community and believes everyone should have the chance to live as their true selves. Now, she is one of the providers with Spectrum: The Other Clinic.

Others that are associated with both Marshas and Spectrum are not able to come forward due to the hatred and threats which we have faced in Mississippi. Unfortunately, this backlash is systemic.

Lee Pace

Stacie Pace

To those not able to come forward.