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Marsha's Tea Room 

TGNC Health & Awareness

Our Mission

Marsha's Tea Room is a TGNC led LGBTQIA+ nonprofit organization centered on promoting the overall health and well-being of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People. Our main objective is to promote the health and welfare of the transgender community through our outreach programs.

Our Purpose

Marsha's purpose is to provide a safe space for Mississippi's transgender community through our outreach programs in order to improve health and awareness. In order to meet our mission and realize our purpose, we partner with Spectrum: The Other Clinic. Spectrum specializes in hormone therapy for the Mississippi TGNC community. Our first effort was a physical safe place where the TGNC community can hang out, learn more about our programs and take advantage of community resources. 

Why Do This?

 It's the right thing to do. Marsha P. Johnson protested in 1970 as a counter protester at the Gay Liberation Front protest in front of Bellevue Hospital for transgender rights. How far have we come as a society to recognize transgender rights as human rights? 


Our Programs


Gender Affirming Hormone Care

The transgender community has a difficult time accessing quality healthcare for basic treatment including gender affirming hormone replacement therapy or HRT. Our goal is to promote affordable and easy access to HRT.

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TGNC Safe Space

Marsha's offers a safe space for the TGNC community. Our safe space includes in-person meetings, online groups, education, and sometimes, just a meaninful discussion. 


Advocacy for TGNC Rights & Mental Health Care

Marsha's organization consists of members of the TGNC community, healthcare providers, and allies. We at Marsha's have a unique ability to advocate for the TGNC community and help those in need to connect with mental health providers. 

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Our Partners


Spectrum: The Other Clinic

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Hattiesburg, MS 39402


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