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Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy and Spectrum: The Other Clinic

The transgender community has a difficult time accessing quality healthcare for basic treatment. One of the most problematic specialities is gender affirming hormone replacement therapy or HRT. Hormone therapy should be easily accessible as a basic primary care need. Unfortunately, HRT is out of reach for many in the transgender community. The goal of Spectrum is to provide affordable and easy access to HRT. This is done by keeping overhead to a barebones minimum. Spectrum does not have a support staff. The owners clean the restrooms and sweep the floors. Even still, whether due to homelessness, disability or just Mississippians living below the poverty line, many can not afford HRT. These are the people you are helping with your donations. Read below for options to help.

Fund a Friend in Need

When you donate using PayPal, Add the name of the person in the comment section or just type "Fund a friend" or "Fund a person in need."  For those in need, priority will be given to transgender women of color.  You can have a friend schedule an appointment with Spectrum and discuss funding a friend.


Marsha’s Tea Room is an initiative that was first dreamed and created by the founders of Spectrum: The Other Clinic, the first and only transgender medicine specialty clinic in the state of Mississippi. The two founders of the clinic initially created Marsha’s as a way to seek funding to help support those less fortunate patients in affording their hormone therapy services. However, it didn’t take long before the pair realized that the needs of this community were so much bigger than just access to gender affirming healthcare services, and so they have branched out since then into the realms of education, advocacy, mental healthcare, and more. Any need they see that Marsha’s can handle will be tackled however it may be possible. They love this community and want everyone to be able to live their best lives no matter where they are in life and how they identify. Please help them help others to live their truth.

Safe Spaces

Advocacy for TGNC Rights

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